Concrete mixer equipment new period of development

Time:2018-08-06 02:51:38

History in promoting social progress, science and technology in promoting social development, which is one can stop the trend. With the social development of the situation and the progress of science and technology, concrete mixer device enters into a new period of development.

Increase in the amount from simply relying on quality improvement and technical steering content increases. Quantitative to qualitative change, but also a process of development of things. Development of the situation to promote the traditional "to climb" to the new materials industry, "to dip" into the high-tech processing. From the traditional mechanical structure to replace manual era, into the mechanization and automation, continuous, intelligent, electronic technology as the core of the IT era. Technical changes in the structure prompted materialized during the manufacturing process technology, and equipment and technology as well as the entire process measurement and control technology, and promotes the traditional processing methods turned digital, digital, composite, flexible manufacturing techniques and quality online monitoring or terminal control technologies.

New Machinery Industry dual task is not only to serve the industry and market development needs, but also to lead the industry and market developments.

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