Concrete mixer device branding trend toward significant

Time:2013-09-06 12:00:00

Concrete mixer device itself is an emerging industry, not enough to form a popular brand, but has consistently adhered to "quality first" business first with a brand-name basis, coupled with continued innovation in the competition, high-tech applications and cutting-edge technology to explore, famous enterprises, famous products will be gradually filtered out.
Recently, some companies find export opportunities in foreign markets are often some of the herd, so that some products compete for customers while they kill each other, desperate to bargain, not only unprofitable and "sell" the horse. Shows that the industry still does not change the concept of someone, probably China's poverty and backwardness of the past century has led to a "simple product even a little rough, as long as cheap and can make do with the line" mentality. In this state of mind to intervene in the international market competition, the ultimate cause of our products abroad as an anti-"sell" subjects of the investigation, when the loss is not a business but the entire profession. Hopefully the whole industry should be alert to this malicious competition in the situation. Repetition is a relatively low level easy thing, once high technology content, the possibility of duplication naturally small. Low-level repetitive production of the dire consequences of disrupting the market, technical setback, corporate suicide, industry damage.
Over the past advocated industry, academia, research combining mode fails reflected the limited research effort also failed to fully play a role, so many companies are copying each other imitation, little improvement was turned into their own products. This product in addition to the price advantage, but in the international market is not competitive. Hopefully the industry research institutes, universities will own research resources fully utilized, the use of industry associations matchmaking, the new technology "marry" out. Of course, this technique should be practical, to have better economic and social benefits.

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