2013 concrete machinery industry outlook and analysis

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2013 Chinese concrete machinery industry research and analysis

First half of 2012 compared to the overall decline in construction machinery more than 20% , concrete machinery industry, a positive growth of 15% has been considered substantial. But by the general trend of the tired , the domestic turnover of enterprises fell concrete , individual enterprises and even reached 40% ( this data from China Construction Machinery Industry Association Concrete Machinery Branch ) , but to become an indisputable fact . The relatively high margin segments plate, can continue to outshine in 2013 ? Acquired the world's three giant Chinese concrete machinery enterprises can successfully digest, to accelerate growth ? Urbanization bonus , concrete machinery industry is able to enjoy much ?

Market Outlook

2013 , China 's construction machinery industry is still the most serious problem to the inventory . January to October 2012, the construction machinery industry production run Letters show in October , the national construction machinery industry total industrial output value 42,263,000,000 yuan , an increase of -9.19 % , -4.14 % MoM growth , the sales value of 41.973 billion yuan , up growth was -7.74 % -8.03 % MoM growth . And from January to October , the country 's construction machinery industry 501.633 billion yuan industrial output value , up slightly by 1.53 percent ; completion of the sale value of 492.263 billion yuan , up jumped 2.5%. Thus, despite the industry in the chants of " excess capacity to be alert ," but the production expansion and shrinking sales of paradox has not been fundamentally improved.

The reason is nothing more than government " steady growth" development goals, to local authorities, enterprises and even individuals have brought "Once the adjustment is completed , the economy will take off again ," is expected, therefore I went in to the inventory and production capacity is not big enough , luck, and even continue to increase inventory.

But we should also see that the central decision-making practice has been recognized in the past as an investment and export-led economic growth, the crux and drawbacks, is unlikely to re-launch massive economic stimulus. Meanwhile, with the concrete machinery industry is closely related to the cement , steel and other industries are all high resource consumption, high energy consumption, high pollution industry, sustainable development is restricted . Therefore , accustomed to big money , earn fast money , earn easy money, concrete mixer machinery industry , very difficult to face such as the golden years of rapid development opportunities.

Investment institutions often said that " counter-cyclical investment enterprise 's dream, is pro-cyclical investment behavior of enterprises ." Most successful businesses , more inclined to the flow of the dull business , after all, is just one example contrarian growth . Therefore, in 2013 , still faced concrete machinery to production of and deleveraging pressures , but by the economic recovery in the downstream infrastructure projects are expected to concrete machinery is expected to achieve more than 10% annual growth , which is still in the boom of construction machinery sector higher segments .

Industry consolidation

China Construction Machinery Industry Association Concrete Machinery Branch of the past 10 years statistics show that China's holdings of concrete machinery mainly include : 50m3 / h above the mixing station ( F ) 33931 , 44993 concrete pump station , pump 39,889 units, mixer truck 228,822 units , 350L concrete mixer over 200,721 units, reached a total of 548,356 units. The actual construction of the statistics show that a lot of mixing stations produce less than 50% of design capacity .

Although the rate of production is not high , but the industry development prospects of low-threshold access and still continues to attract investors to enter , while the concrete machinery industry upstream industry customers , bargaining power is gradually strengthened.

Concrete manufacturing companies , construction units, and leasing concrete machinery industry accounted for about 80% of the purchasing market share. With conch , landscapes, Jidong , Yatai, Huaxin , China Resources Cement and other large enterprises have entered the concrete market , the company's strong organizational performance and cost advantages will bring new competition ; On the other hand , local industries and enterprises concentration is increasing , such as Shanghai construction Group , its business volume accounted for concrete production concrete in Shanghai 30% of total market share, which will further enhance the bargaining power of buyers , the size of concrete machinery products , quality and services will also put forward higher requirements .

Currently, Trinity and Zoomlion concrete machinery market share reached 45.0% , which is to achieve concrete pump more than 90 % market share. The XCMG, Liugong construction machinery giant also by virtue of our strong comprehensive strength and product positioning equipment is actively seize the high-end market . With the Trinity, Zoomlion , XCMG completion of Putzmeister , CIFA and Schwing acquisition , technology integration and brand integration into the stage , but it is conceivable that this process will not be too easy, requires constant running and compromise.

2013 , we expect concrete machinery industry consolidation will further exacerbate the product will also provide lightweight , large-scale, high-end, integrated direction. But this also brings another problem - new machine sales space will be further squeezed upgrading products . Those that produce small, but the high cost of SME , you need to leading enterprises under the law of diminishing marginal utility , to seek a breakthrough in market segments .

Market outlook

Outlook 2013 , the largest concrete machinery industry development opportunities still come from urbanization bonus . But unlike the previous government-led , real estate development , an area of ??expansion of the "artificial town ", now advocated by the new urbanization will embark on a more efficient investment route, namely construction of urban agglomerations , so that not only optimize the layout of urban space , but also improve the city allocation of resources. In this new urbanization road, rail transport sector will be the first start .

As urban cluster that is geographically concentrated cities of the Commonwealth , so it must rely on the development of smooth and low-cost logistics , passenger flow , information flow and capital flow . While rail transport is relatively highways, aviation and other modes of transport , with energy conservation, conservation of land and other advantages, to minimize the cost of logistics and passenger . It can be asserted that the future of transportation, the city relies on subway and light rail , intercity rail urban agglomeration rely on , and between urban agglomerations rely on high-speed rail passenger .

January 11 , the Second International Symposium on the comprehensive development of rail transport was held in Beijing on . With Xi'an, Tianjin , Chongqing, Chengdu , Hangzhou, Ningbo , Kunming, Qingdao, Wuxi , Dongguan, Xuzhou , Wenzhou and other cities approved a new round of rail transit construction plan , in 2013 the scale of urban rail investment is expected to reach 280 billion yuan to 2900 billion. Where subgrade foundation construction, precast concrete box girder bridge engineering or in-situ concrete box girder, concrete spraying tunnel and station house construction and installation projects require a large number of high-quality concrete machinery manufacturer to provide complete solutions. These large projects to meet the complex needs of the concrete machinery enterprises , will become the new urbanization of the first beneficiaries of the bonus

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