Concrete mixer green energy will become the industry mainstream

Time:2018-08-06 12:00:00

China Machinery Industry Federation had predicted that this year the industry will achieve stable and rapid economic development, China's machinery industry's recovery speed is clearly faster than expected. Machinery industry than-expected growth, mainly due to the recovery of the global economy are rather low base last year and. But he also said, it follows that new projects will be reduced, the machinery industry will not always maintain such a high growth in the first half.

Before looking at the China Machinery Industry Manufacturing Technology Symposium, the focus is to explore automation, green energy, etc. in the machinery industry and industrial automation industry applications. The same as the concrete mixing station equipment for future development theme is "energy conservation, low-carbon development."

Currently many enterprises have joined the research and development of low-carbon energy industry, launched a series of green industrial automation products. And showcase a number of low-carbon technologies, new materials and other fields of advanced and applicable project results and innovative products.

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