Concrete mixer how to properly use the device after installation

Time:2018-08-06 12:00:00

Concrete mixer device installed, there is a run-in period, during which how to ensure normal operation of equipment to reduce the failure rate is a very important link. As part of the user or due to the lack of common sense to use a tight schedule to benefit as soon as possible, and use of new equipment neglect some considerations. Only the correct use in order to extend the life of the equipment, with a minimum investment and maximum return for the enterprise to bring greater profits. Then the device during the initial period should pay attention to what matters it?

Want to learn to use the equipment at the first thing to pay attention to what matters in the run-in period will be to understand what the common problems, such as wear and tear fast, poor lubrication, resulting in loose, leakage, and operational errors and other issues. Since the new machine parts processing, assembly and other factors, will cause more problems. So manufacturers of equipment used in the device at the outset to note that the device can not be overloaded with work, and to deploy the appropriate workload, long-time continuous operation to prevent the machine caused by overheating phenomenon, and secondly to pay attention to frequently inspect each instrument data, showing abnormal should be eliminated promptly stop, the third should be strengthened lubricate all lubrication points, recommended run-in period, the class must be on greased lubrication points, the fourth to keep the machine clean, timely adjustment, tighten loose parts to prevent loosening due to wear and tear parts aggravated or cause the loss of the final equipment parts operating personnel should receive training in the manufacturer of construction equipment, the performance should have a full understanding of the correct use of the machine in order to prevent man-made improper operation equipment failure.

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