Concrete mixer drive unit maintenance

Time:2018-08-06 02:53:15

Concrete mixer drive unit is an important part, it is by the power take off, cardan shafts, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, control valves, hydraulic tank and the cooling device, the main role is to produce a variety of materials in the tank powered stirred. Below is a concrete mixer drive unit maintenance issues:

1, to regularly clean up the hydraulic oil cooler, to avoid clogging the radiator are cement, concrete mixers checking electric radiator fan is functioning properly, prevent excessive hydraulic oil temperature, hydraulic oil cooling system to ensure effective;

2, concrete mixer for harsh environment, we must prevent sewage sediment entering the hydraulic system;

3, hydraulic oil according to the user manual require periodic replacement, once the inspection found that the hydraulic oil mixed with water or sand, we should immediately stop cleaning hydraulic systems, replacement of hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil to ensure clean;

4, when a concrete mixer should be greased and regular checks wear, timely repair replacement;

5, the team should have a spare cardan shaft assembly to ensure that the concrete mixer in the event of failure can resume work in a few minutes.

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